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Third Cost LEAD ME Meeting

Measuring the European Accessibility Act

27 October 2022

European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels 1047, Belgium
Antall building, Room 6Q1


Time (CET)
13:00Opening: MEP Kympouropoulos (EP), Bart Veys, (COST), Alejandro Moledo (EDF), Christopher Patnoe (Google), Anna Matamala (UAB)
13:30Ima Placencia (EC) - The AVMSD and EAA, the what and how of EU media accessibility compliance
14:00Gion Linder (SWISSTxT) - EBU accessibility report on EU public broadcasters
14:15Krzys Krejtz (SWPS) - EU projects on Media Accessibility
14:20Round table: Alejandro Moledo (EDF), Gion Linder (SWISSTxT) and Christopher Patnoe (Google), moderated by Mereijn van der Heijden (SOUNDFOCUS, NL)
14:55Wrap up and end of event: MEP Kympouropoulos (EP)