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Working Groups

To leverage the specific competencies and expertise of the diverse partners involved, the LEAD-ME action will be structured into multidisciplinary and cross-sector Working Groups (WGs).

WG1: Technical Platform that allows a single point-of-access to relevant Media Accessibility technologies

This WG will work as a collector of all the technologies developed in previous, running and future EU funded projects and beyond, in the diverse Media domains (audiovisual, multimedia) and addressing different accessibility domains (cognitive, visual, auditive). Researchers and engineers will work together to identify commonalities among existing tools and innovations assets in research projects. They will make them available in a unique platform. The main outcome of WG1 will be the creation of an online platform acting as a One-Stop-Shop for Accessible Technologies (D.2, D.3, D.4).

Lead by Carlos Duarte

WG2: Guidelines and Curricula for Teaching and Training Media Accessibility

This WG will collect the experiences matured in Universities and Research Institutes when preparing for or updating the next generation of researchers and engineers in the field of Media Accessibility. These experiences will be complemented by the expectations expressed by the End User representatives, as well as the Market panorama expressed by the Industrial partners. The main outcome of WG2 will be the definition of best practices, guidelines (D.5) and a set of curricula that should be implemented in order to have a harmonized approach in educating for Media Accessibility (D.6).

Lead by Ann Marcus-Quinn

WG3: Quality and Standardization

This WG will draw the current status of Market and International/Industrial standards in the field of Media Accessibility, it will collect the findings from academia and it will onboard the needs expressed by the end-user organizations (D.7). The main outcome of WG3 will be the identification and promotion of a set of standards at European and International level to ensure the compatibility among technical tools and procedures to guarantee a satisfactory minimum level of quality, enclosing quality criteria defined as an additional outcome of the WG (D.8).

Lead by Krishna Chandramouli

WG4: Status-quo and Future Directions of Media Accessibility

This WG will analyse the current legislative framework relevant to the Media Accessibility topic and will dialogue with the other WGs to measure its applicability and status-quo of application in Industry, Standards and Curricula. Based on the result of this analysis (D.9), WG4 will derive as the main outcome a list of strategical priorities for future directions (medium/long vision) e.g. in the technology as well as a list of priorities for policy-makers with respect to Media Accessibility (D.10).

Lead by Klaus Hoeckner