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Upcoming events

LEAD-ME Summer Training School Oslo 202416 September, 2024 to 17 September, 2024Oslo, Norway

Past events

LEAD-ME Workshop "Future of Digital Accessibility"9 July, 2024 to 10 July, 2024Linz (Austria)
Core Group Meeting25 June, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting11 June, 2024Online (Poland)
Seminar on "Media Accessibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"4 June, 2024Limassol (Cyprus)
LEAD-ME Management, Core, and Working Groups Meeting3 June, 2024Limassol (Cyprus)
Core Group Meeting14 May, 2024Online (Poland)
LEAD-ME Winter Training School Trabzon 20248 May, 2024 to 10 May, 2024Trabzon, Turkey
Core Group Meeting30 April, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting16 April, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting12 March, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting5 March, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting20 February, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting6 February, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting23 January, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting18 January, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting11 January, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting9 January, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting3 January, 2024Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting21 December, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting14 December, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting5 December, 2023Online (Poland)
Concertation Event EASIER-SignON29 November, 2023Covent Garden building, Brussels (Belgium)
Core Group Meeting28 November, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting14 November, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting31 October, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting17 October, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting3 October, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting26 September, 2023Online (Poland)
LEAD-ME Summer Training School13 September, 2023 to 15 September, 2023Salford, UK
LEAD-ME Management, Core, and Working Groups Meeting11 September, 2023 to 12 September, 2023University of Salford, United Kingdom
LEAD-ME Working Groups Meeting29 August, 2023Warsaw, Poland
Core Group Meeting18 July, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting4 July, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting20 June, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting6 June, 2023Online (Poland)
LEAD-ME Accessibility Workshop at NEM Summit24 May, 2023Zagreb, Croatia
LEAD ME Management Commitee Meetting23 May, 2023Zagreb, Croatia
Core Group Meeting18 April, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting4 April, 2023Online (Poland)
LEAD-ME Winter Training School16 March, 2023 to 17 March, 2023Lisbon, Portugal
LEAD ME Management Commitee Meetting15 March, 2023Lisbon, Portugal
Researching Accessibility LEAD-ME Working Groups Meeting at Zero Conference23 February, 2023Viena, Austria
Core Group Meeting14 February, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting31 January, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting17 January, 2023Online (Poland)
Core Group Meeting13 December, 2022Online (Poland)
Third Cost LEAD ME Meeting27 October, 2022EU Parliament (Brussels)
LEAD ME Management Committee Meeting3 October, 2022 to 4 October, 2022University of Bergen, Norway
Core Group Meeting20 September, 2022Online (Spain)
2nd Call for applications: LEAD-ME short-term scientific missions (STSMs)20 September, 2022City University of Hong Kong (online)
UMAQ215 September, 2022 to 16 September, 2022Universidade de Vigo, Spain
HCI INTERNATIONAL 202226 June, 2022 to 1 July, 2022Online (Sweden)
LEAD ME Summer Training School22 June, 2022 to 23 June, 2022London
LEAD ME Management Commitee Meetting21 June, 2022Google HQ, London N1C 4AB, United Kingdom
Language Services, Audio Description and Translation Studies (LSADTS 2022)17 June, 2022City University of Hong Kong (online)
CROMA programme presentations & workshops18 May, 2022Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Core Group Meeting3 May, 2022Online (Spain)
Core Group Meeting8 March, 2022Online (Spain)
4th ColNet Seminar3 March, 2022Online (Spain)
Core Group Meeting22 February, 2022Online (Spain)
Festivals diversos, públic divers26 November, 2021Barcelona (ES)
Webinar on Horizon Europe Funding Program and EDF and ORACLE scholarship award ceremony23 November, 2021Online (Belgium)
TransMedia Catalonia with MUTEI (Máster Universitario de Traducción y Estudios Interculturales)17 November, 2021Barcelona (ES)
Social Inequalities and Quality of Life17 November, 2021Online (Romania)
LEAD-ME Winter Training School Madrid 202115 November, 2021 to 17 November, 2021Online, Madrid
Core Group Meeting2 November, 2021Virtual
Horizontal Facility for the western Balkans and Turkey 2019-2022: For you rights towards European Standards30 September, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting28 September, 2021Virtual
European Performing Science Night25 September, 2021Badalona, Spain
IRG AVA group meeting (ITU)23 September, 2021Virtual
Languages and the Media Roundtable20 September, 2021 to 24 September, 2021Berlin, Germany
IATIS 7th International Conference: The Cultural Ecology of Translation14 September, 2021 to 17 September, 2021Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Catalonia
BİLTEVT’20212 September, 2021 to 4 September, 2021Virtual (Turkey)
AVANCA CINEMA28 July, 2021Virtual
UTI Camp 202124 July, 2021BVirtual (Ukraine)
Core Group Meeting20 July, 2021Virtual
Mobile Week Mataró7 July, 2021Technoampus Mataró
3rd ColNet seminar: Audiovisual Localisation in the Age of Streaming Platforms5 July, 2021Online
LEAD ME Summer Training School Warsaw 20215 July, 2021 to 9 July, 2021Online, Warsaw
EPSN Workshop with Fundación Epica - La Fura dels Baus29 June, 2021Badalona, Spain
Digitalization as an opportunity to build an inclusive society15 June, 2021Online
XR Access Symposium11 June, 2021Online
Core Group Meeting8 June, 2021Virtual
International Easy Language Day Conference (IELD) 202127 May, 2021 to 28 May, 2021Virtual
High-Level Event on Digital Education: Education and the Irish experience of teaching and learning during the pandemic24 May, 2021Virtual
COST Academy- How to pitch your research (elevator speech)18 May, 2021Virtual
Core Group Committee Meeting18 May, 2021Virtual
2nd ColNet Seminar: TRADAV A virtual Site for Audiovisual Translation Resources10 May, 2021Virtual
CHI 2021: Adaptive Inclusive AR/VR Systems8 May, 2021 to 13 May, 2021Virtual
Intersector Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility (IRG-AVA)19 April, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting13 April, 2021Virtual
IRG-AVA Intersector Rapportuer Group on Audiovisual Accessibility9 April, 2021Virtual
PCTS 12 Conference: TIMISOARA26 March, 2021Virtual
ACM MMSys 202126 March, 2021Virtual
Accessible Europe: ICTs 4 ALL23 March, 2021 to 25 March, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting2 March, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting23 February, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting16 February, 2021Virtual
1st ColNet Open Seminar: The TRADILEX Project: Audiovisual Translation as a Didactic Resource in Foreign Language Education11 February, 2021Virtual
European Accessibility Act: Peer support online meeting 111 February, 2021Virtual
EASIT27 January, 2021Virtual
Media for All27 January, 2021 to 29 January, 2021Virtual
ARSAD26 January, 2021 to 27 January, 2021Virtual
SignOn Kick Off Meeting21 January, 2021Virtual
Core Group Meeting12 January, 2021Virtual
CONTENT4ALL Final Review1 January, 2021Virtual
Languages and the Media Roundtable15 December, 2020Virtual
TIM - TransMedia Catalonia International Meeting11 December, 2020Virtual
UAB Winter Training School 2020 - Media Accessibility: Communication for All23 November, 2020 to 27 November, 2020Virtual
Core Group Meeting10 November, 2020Virtual
The 7th International Symposium on Live Subtitling and Accessibility5 November, 2020 toOnline
COST Management workshop22 October, 2020Virtual
Core Group Meeting20 October, 2020Virtual
6th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation16 October, 2020 to 18 October, 2020Larissa - Online
Kick Off Meeting with Management Committee13 October, 2020 to 14 October, 2020Virtual