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Open Calls for LEAD-ME Grants


In some cases, COST offers grants to support the LEAD ME COST Action network activities. To apply for a grant, you must create an e-COST profile and do so via the e-COST platform.

Before applying, please consult the following information:

Types of Grant:

Past Calls

1st Call for applications: LEAD-ME short-term scientific missions (STSMs)

Short-term scientific missions are exchange visits for researchers within the LEAD-ME Action. Individuals can spend up to six months at an institution or laboratory based in a different country which is also part of the Action. This is a unique opportunity to receive funding for implementing a project with an international team where the STMS grantees can gain new knowledge and skills in media accessibility or access equipment or techniques that are not available in their home institution. A typical outcome of these missions are publications that will contribute to the impact and visibility of the LEAD-ME COST Action. Applicants are encouraged to review the on-going activities of the COST action and the previous training programme to align their STSM submission. Applications from participants interested in eye-tracking, media accessibility towards measuring quality and similar topics are welcomed.

The first LEAD-ME STSMs call for applications is open from 09 May until 27 May.

We are offering two grants for a maximum of 2,500 euros each.

The STSM should be completed, including the report submission, before 09 October 2022.

The applications received will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

The required documentation is:

To apply for a grant, you need to:

For further information, please contact STSM coordinator Chris Hughes (C.J.Hughes@salford.ac.uk) or Grant Award Coordinator Anna Matamala (anna.matamala@uab.cat).