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How to apply for LEAD-ME Grants

In some cases, COST offers grants to support the LEAD ME COST Action network activities. To apply for a grant, you must create an e-COST profile and do so via the e-COST platform.

Reimbursement comes in the form of a daily allowance to cover accommodation, meals, and short distance travel. The daily amount is calculated by the country in which the event is taking place and no invoices are required.

Before applying, please consult the following information:

Types of reimbursement:

To attend LEAD ME Meetings / Training Schools

Please note: reimbursement to MC meetings is only available to one representative per MC member/observer. The MC member/observer will decide to whom it applies.

Local Organiser Support (LOS)

A legal entity acting as a Local Organiser for an Action event shall be eligible to receive financial support to cover expenses carried out to organise a COST Action networking activity. This financial support takes the form of a grant referred to as Local Organiser Support. The Local Organiser Support is a financial contribution to the overall expenses related to organising approved meetings, conferences, workshops and / or Training Schools (See Annex 1, article 3.2).