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  1. Creation and publication of website
  2. Whitepaper related to the current best practices and curricula in Media Accessibility (M30)
  3. Creation of Industrial Advisory Board in charge of promoting the Action in international venues (CONFIDENTIAL)
  4. Whitepaper on AI and Accessibility
  5. Survey across Europe on the current legislative framework in Accessibility and its limitations
  6. Whitepaper on standards in Media Accessibility that covers status quo and existing criticalities
  7. Whitepaper related to Novel professional and Academic curricula and educational recommendations for Accessibility (M30)
  8. Whitepaper presenting Novel Standards in Media Accessibility given the Status Quo and the emerging needs of the communities (M30)
  9. Delivery of the One Stop Shop platform (Report) for collecting and distributing accessibility assets (M33)
  10. Whitepaper reporting on the New Priorities and Updated legislation for Media Accessibility Success based on survey results (M48)
  11. Report on Hackathons/Open Competitions: Create novel services with existing technologies or propose novel technologies for the platform (M48)
  12. Report of all the research and dissemination activities (M48)