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LEAD ME Cost Action Training Schools

The Action will organise two specialised accessibility courses per year in summer and winter at universities and research institutes.

Over the next 4 years, the LEAD-ME winter/summer schools will address the main research questions with respect to the challenge of communication for all citizens. The schools will progress beyond current state-of-the-art understanding of:

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Past editions

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Please note: All attendees must sign the attendance list for each day that they attend the training school.

Apply for a grant

Trainers and Trainees can apply for a limited number of grants to attend our LEAD ME COST CA19142 training schools. A fixed grant will be assigned to every successful applicant. In order to apply, please take the following steps:

Prior to the training school

After the training school

Please note: Travel by taxi will not be reimbursed and trainers will not receive any form of Lecture Fees or honoraria.