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LEAD-ME Summer Training School Warsaw 2021 Research Projects

Eye tracking in media accessibility research - methods, technologies and data analyses

5-9 July 2021 - Online

A list of research projects created by the summer school attendees during hands-on sessions.

Please, feel free to participate in as many experiments as you want.

Does the presence of intralingual subtitles improve comprehension of a technical video?

Authors: Valentina Ragni, Agata Kapelańska, Yuchen Liu, Raluca Chereji


NOTE: after you have completed the Cambridge English language proficiency test in a separate browser tab, please note that you have to close that tab, for the second part of the study to start. You will not be able to watch the video until you close that tab.

Comparing raw, machine-translated subtitles and human subtitles in relation to comprehension, user experience and perception

Authors: Rocío Varela, Alina Karakanta, Claudia Wiesinger, Vilelmini Sosoni, Anita Kwiatkowska


The relation between focus time on food images and food preferences. Comparing the effect of affective stimuli on a memory task based on food and its preference

Authors: Michal, Irene, Irena, Tomasz


Serif-Non Serif Font Subtitles: Legibility and Preference

Authors: Katerina Gouleti, Xiaochun Zhang, Ziming Wang, Gabriele Uzzo


What influences consumer’s choices?

Authors: Gabriela Flis, Marija, Xinying Chen, Anna Mierzecka, María Rico Vázquez

You will look at a set of ads for bottled water. Please pay attention to the pictures. Press any key when you're ready to go to the next screen. Then you will be asked to answer a question.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please make up a nickname for yourself in the last step.

To take a survey please click here: Experiment

Can the Disgusting scale predict the level of disgust expressed by participants


Normal subtitles and Creative subtitles: Task load and preferences

Authors: Lina Abraitiene, Marta Brescia, Maria Stasimioti, Anna Redel, Adrian Kabat, Alicja Zajdel


Reading test tasks

Authors: Anton, Ann, Maria


Perception of art objects

Authors: Anton, Ann, Maria


Machine Generated Subtitles vs. Human Subtitles. Comparing the reception of machine generated subtitles to human created subtitles

Authors: Ghanimeh, Celia, Hao, Natalia and Alexander